Radioplayer Worldwide - FAQ

We're a non-profit organisation, and everything we do is aimed at keeping radio simple in connected devices. We always work in partnership - with broadcasters, developers, technology platforms, car companies, and hardware manufacturers. If you want to work with us, you'll find some information and a contact form below.

Why should my country join Radioplayer?

Your competition is no longer just from the radio station down the road, but from global entertainment and technology products with multi-milion dollar R&D budgets.

Radio is a tiny industry in comparison. We can only capitalise on the opportunities offered by connected devices like smart speakers, if we work together. 

You can download a one-page infographic on the benefits of joining Radioplayer here.

What's involved in launching the platform?

If you're already around a table, talking to your industry colleagues about DAB, marketing, or audience measurement - then you're ready for Radioplayer.

Typically, a country organises itself into a small group of broadcasters, then we work with you to roll out your back-end systems, apps and players. We ask each country to contribute to the further development of Radioplayer through a small annual fee, calculated according to the number of stations you list. We're non-profit, so every penny goes towards growing radio.     

How can we partner with Radioplayer?

Radioplayer partners with car companies and technology platforms which want to integrate radio. We prioritise these areas...

- Home devices (speakers, TVs etc) with high-quality audio and great interfaces, both visual and voice

- Hybrid radio, which switches platforms automatically (particularly effective in cars)

- Metadata feeds, to power the above 

Get in touch if you're interested, particularly if you want to integrate with our new API. 




How is Radioplayer performing?

In Radioplayer's first year in the UK, official RAJAR audience figures showed a 32% year-on-year increase in online listening hours.

In Belgium, where they launched with just the web player, online listening hours rose by 23% in their first year.

In Canada, groups are reporting 47% year-on-year increases in streaming hours since launch.

But every radio market is different, and we're very flexible. How can we help you?